Lobby is an art Concierge and a very photogenic space.
On June 1, Gostiny Dvor opened a place that you will definitely want to visit this summer. Meet the Lobby-a space with a cafe, bar, shop and office of the art Concierge, which is designed not only to work with established art collectors, but also to open this world to those who take the first steps in the art direction. How Lobby works, what it can offer, and what it's like to launch a similar project in a pandemic, BURO. told the founder of the Lobby Christina Atuman and Sofia Karpovskaya.

38° — 175° TAUPO

46 400

44° — 10° MODENA

36 700

48° — 2° CITÉ

92 400

38° — 175° TAUPO

25 000