ARCHIPÉLAGO is a new international l brand of furniture which accentuate the beauty of everyday life. The brand team develops and manufactures multifunctional furniture and accessories suitable for private and public spaces
ARCHIPÉLAGO brings together designers from different countries to create a unique collection of objects incorporating the best traditions of European design capitals.

Therefore, the name of the company is based on the idea of an Archipelago as a group of islands, the idea of bringing together designers from different countries to create a holistic quality product.

The implication of ARCHIPÈLAGO's central themes are reflected in the names of its products. Each piece references geographic coordinates of the place that inspired the creation of the object.
Furniture production is local, designers develop prototypes depending on their location and particular product. In Russia production is in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The final assembly of items is in Moscow.
The first collection was developed by ARCHIPÉLAGO team in collaboration with product design studio Nōme and architectural bureau Arch(e)type.

"When we were developing objects for the first collection, our focus was on the difficulties that the interior designer faces every day. Today it is incredibly difficult to find a piece of furniture with a quality design and affordable price on the Russian market. ARCHIPÉLAGO plans to develop this niche"

To date, this is a range of 10 basic items – chairs, armchairs, tables and shelving units – with various finishing options. They fit into any modern interior thanks to variations in color and material. The company is currently expanding their collection and developing new methods of production.

ARCHIPÉLAGO is open to cooperation with product designers around the world.